Useful Links

These links were incredibly worthwhile and ended up make our project what it is today.

Mean Stack

Ah, Mean Stack, brains behind all it is that we accomplished. Mean Stack is a fullstack javascript framework that combines a database, theming engine, backend server, and routing engine all into one convenient stack that uses the same language you’ve grown to love since the beginning of web-dev.

Johnny Five

Johnny Five is a phenomenal library that enables us to interface with all the hardware in the same language we wrote the rest of our stack in. While initially it only supported Arduino and required a bit of hackery to get working, it has since been updated to work with any microcontroller that supports standard firmata.

Beaglebone Black IOBoard

AchingBrain’s IOBoard module is a wonderful rendition of the Five.Board api from Johnny Five. Before J5 decided to support non-Arudino devices, this was truly our only option when we swapped to the BBB, and in the end we ended up sticking with it because we found it most comfortable and familiar.


Despite it’s name, valves4projects is an incredibly useful source for all things solenoids. We ended up buying both the gravity feed and low-pressure solenoids from these guys, and all worked without a single hitch.

SD Electronics Supply

SD Electronics Supply was our one stop shop for all things…well, electronics. Unfortunately, SDES was forced to close down their brick and mortar location due to undisclosed reasons. Thankfully we’ve been informed that their online presence is due to expand soon, so stay tuned!