Introducing Otto

The Truly Open Mixer

Bringing the Bar Experience to You

Otto is all about convenience and class with a DIY flair. Whether you’re entertaining friends on a Saturday evening or having a night in for a party of one, Otto is the first and last automated bartender to fit your needs and your budget.

The Story So Far Part 2: Final Milestone Update

For the purposes of this report, we’ll be referring to our revised list of milestones. Throughout the quarter, our list of milestones has grown longer and longer to the point that the original list of milestones is comical. Additionally, some of our original milestones weren’t thought through very well. For example, some are in fact dependent on the whole project being done so they are redundant as milestones. For another example, consider the milestone we had of hooking up 6 solenoids. That milestone has building a mount as a prerequisite so it doesn’t make sense for that to be first. In short, we ended up changing a lot of dates to be more sane. And finally some of our milestones simply ended up being absorbed by others. So, without further ado here’s our current milestones:

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It Pours! Part 2 (What We’ve Been Up To)

This update will be brief, but exciting. We’ve recently shifted our focus to the software side of OTTO. We’re running a MEAN stack server with Johnny-five controlling the Arduino. To make a long story short, OTTO is now at the point where we can press a button on the website to fire off the solenoids and the pump.

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The Story So Far

We started out having no idea how we could make OTTO a reality. Well, to go back a bit further, we started out having no idea what project we were actually competent enough to complete. An acoustic keyboard sniffer? Too much math. A differential power analysis attack? Too much what the fuck is this. An automated pancake flipper? Too many carbs. OTTO came to fruition because it was the perfect mix of engaging to work on, exciting to demo, and a good excuse to get trashed before 5.

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